Elk Velvet Supplement
The Chinese use velvet antler as a tonic to maintain good health, cure
sickness, and to strengthen a weakened body. Supplies valuable
nutrients for bone and joints and eases joint pain. Considered a great
energy tonic and immunity booster.

Elk Velvet Supplement

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What is it?

Elk Velvet Supplement is the antler of a bull elk. It is taken off the elk while the antler is still soft and in velvet, then it is quickly freeze dried. The velvet is stripped off and the antler is ground and encapsulated. There are no additives.

What is it used for?

It is very good for joint pain and increasing your energy levels. Other uses are for activating your immune system, treating wounds, treating high blood pressure and increasing virility/fertility. It has widespread use in Korea and China where they make tea from a sliver of antler. We think the capsule is much more convenient.

Where is it made?

Our Elk Velvet Supplement is made from elk raised right here at Scenic View Ranch. We then take it for processing and bottling at a local plant. It doesn't hurt the elk to have his antlers removed and they grow back the next year. It also keeps the young bulls from poking holes in each other.

Does it really work?

We have customers who have been using our Elk Velvet Supplement for years. For people with joint pain that makes moving around difficult it works especially well. Just think of the nutrients and growth factors that are needed every year to make an antler. It also gives you energy which is why we recommend that you don't take it right before you go to bed if you are planning on sleeping.

We also recommend Elk Velvet Supplement for your animals. We have used Elk Velvet on horses that have had nasty cuts and it speeds up the recovery time. One of our customers came to visit and complained their stallion was not breeding. We gave them a couple of bottles to mix in his feed. Within two weeks the stallion was breeding again and they drove two hours to pick up another supply.

Do you have an old dog that is getting arthritic? Try mixing Elk Velvet into its feed. He/she will seem years younger in no time. All of us here at Scenic View Ranch take a couple capsules every morning.

Elk Velvet Supplement

What does it cost?

Per Bottle:     $  22.00 per bottle, 60 capsules each
Better Deal:   $225.00 per case (12 bottles)
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