Our most popular hunt is the wild hogs.  In the cold season our weekends get booked up fast.  The Russians get a thick hair coat and look like bears.  And they can run!  The meat is excellent, especially the hams.  If you are bow hunting, it is a good idea to carry a side arm for your protection.  If you want a nice trophy to hang on the wall, this is your pig.

We have found that the pure Russians tend to have smaller litters and take longer to gain weight.   We started breeding domestic hogs into part of our herd.  We really like the Tamworth/Russian cross.  The Tamworth is one of the oldest heritage breeds from Britain.  They are good foragers and have big litters.  Descended from early European wild hogs they are prized for their bacon.

The hogs are raised outside of the hunting preserve and the boars are castrated.  They are confined, well taken care of and fed properly. They are released into the preserve the day of your hunt.  It makes for the best hunt.  The hogs will be on a steady trot.  You will have to look for them because they won’t be lying underneath a feeder.  Hogs in the wild are nocturnal, running at night, rooting up the ground and hiding during the day. Once we release the hogs, they must be hunted out of the preserve.  We provide 2 way radios that are used to call for assistance, whether it’s for picking up your game or helping you find it.  

Sorry, we do not hunt hogs with dogs.  You will see plenty of whitetail deer though.  And please, don’t shoot the Llama.   Coyotes on the other hand … shoot ‘em.

Wild hogs